A conversation with Hexy Joe

Photo Credit: Taco D Smit | IG @tacodsmit

What does BDSM mean to you?

For me, the BDSM world is a set of experiences, of discovering others but above all of the self-discovery. It is a world of respect on both sides - Dom and sub - in which one can get to know and recognize each other without differences of sex and gender, to explore one's limits and passions. Many divide the concept of BDSM and fetish but I believe that they cannot exist without each other, they are two facets of the same precious stone that is best appreciated by taking a step back and looking at it in its complexity.


The practice that intrigues you the most?

Probably GOM (Gloves Over Mouth) is related to breathe play, but it is something that I still have to explore further. I would also like to cultivate bondage which has always influenced me.


Describe yourself with five adjectives

Curious, outgoing, passionate, cunning and stubborn. They could be summed up in shithead, but I don't want to be vulgar. Oops.

What is your fetish?

As Italian Fetishman of the Year, identifying myself in just one fetish would be very difficult. I would say that I like to range between leather, rubber, sportswear and sneakers, based on the occasion and mood and why not, even at the same time.


On your Instagram profile, I read: Rubber, Leather, Puppy in which way do these different facets represent you?

Many think of these categories as watertight, some like it to be; don't get me wrong, I respect it, but I love contamination, I love wearing a rubber suit, with leather gloves and harness, football socks and sneakers. I believe that one can be the one they prefer without having to answer to a higher entity or someone who claims to know the only way to be "fetish". At the same time, I am also a puppy, I can be with and without gear, it is not certain that I am a puppy only when I wear the mask or collar.


You have been Italian Fetishman of the Year 2020-2021, what did it represent for you?

Credit: Stevio Blackhart | IG @leatherstevio


Due to the pandemic, I am still a titleholder for two years and a half. This adventure is an opportunity to meet many people interested in fetish and BDSM issues, as well as, represent Italy at an international level. The main commitment I have made, is to help build the so-called "Community", a gigantic and heterogeneous group in which we can recognize each other and create new bonds. Personally, in this beautiful group, I have found many of those that I now consider being my best friends. Following my step-down, I embarked on a new adventure and then entered the executive board of the Leather & Fetish Milano club as President. Ultimately it is an honour for me to be able to represent the Community in all the possible ways.


Your hidden side? Tell me a secret...

I don't have many secrets but there is something about me that not everyone knows: I did Irish dance shows for years, I was engaged to a girl for four years before realizing that I'm not straight and I've been to Italia's Got Talent. Be careful though: only two are true ;)


If I tell you leather, what comes to your mind?

The first thing that comes to my mind is a handsome sporty guy with a pair of leather gloves, I find him tremendously sexy. While for some leather is a classic and elegant material, for me it is above all rock, revolutionary, a cry for authenticity. Leather in my life has presented itself for work and decidedly fewer work reasons in various grains and thicknesses, colours and textures, but if I could choose I would say that nothing attracts me more than soft and spongy Nappa.


The SIRAINER object you desire most?

Right now I think the leather ropes, I find them very innovative and sexy, if not even the collar is very interesting, maybe to be used for Pup play!


A fantasy that you would like to realize…

Well, I have to admit that I have had a lot of satisfaction over the years but those who know me know that I love Tron Legacy and in addition to adoring its futuristic High Tech style I go crazy for suits that are somewhere between rubber and leather, so I wouldn't refuse a ride with Sam Flynn... on a motorcycle I mean.