SIRAINER was born in Italy in 2020 between one lockdown and another, between sheets folds, between home walls, between Florence and Milan.
Bedroom fantasies, fantasies that take shape... a shape that becomes reality.
Her and him.


It is a mission for us at SIRAINER to take care of pleasure and eros through beautifully crafted garments and objects.
If pleasure is to be a ritual, it is necessary to use aesthetically rewarding equipment to practice it.
The precious hands of MADE IN ITALY with its artisans and leather craftsmen are at your disposal to create impeccable quality fetish objects.
Leather and metal as the starting point of our fantasies, with their touches, smells and sounds. A contemporary eroticism that draws on the leather, fetish and BDSM imaginary, creating in turn new visions with more nuanced outlines.
Black as an absolute and exciting color. Red, yellow and blue as hanky, primary colors, codes to be rediscovered.

Performance, comfort and empathy with pleasure.