SIRAINER was born in Italy in 2020, between the folds of the sheets, within the walls of home, between Florence and Milan. Room fantasies, fantasies that take shape... shape that becomes reality. Reality that lives in empathy with this historical present, with its renewed desire to expose itself, to lay itself bare and find even daily possible sources of pleasure. The two founding partners of the brand, Elena Paolini and Simone Rainer rediscover the pleasure of working together after years of shared experience. The pleasure for functionality, quality and durability of the objects pushes them to move in a Luxury and Fashion world and at the same time embrace, for fun and passion, the erotic sector. The result is an intriguing aesthetic that tells of sexual emancipation and fulfillment, of taboos and prejudices to be transformed into healthy and free activities to be practised, because they care for one's own and others' well-being. SIRAINER is much more than an aesthetic, SIRAINER is an ongoing commitment to promoting and disseminating a world that speaks of sexuality and free thinking, thus stimulating curiosity, exploration practices as well as acceptance for all that is diversity.