A conversation with Dom of Pigland and Master Marcus

What does BDSM mean to you?

DoP: Dominance, which in essence is power and authority, is the first things that comes to mind. There’s something absolutely incredible about seeing total emotional and physical submission, obedience and devotion in a human being that is willingly and voluntarily yielding authority to you. Obviously, the level of trust has to be outstanding, and building trust with an individual is an amazing process.


Another aspect which to me personally constitutes an integral and hugely important part of the BDSM lifestyle is ‘Old Guard’ Protocol. Protocol rules are extremely instrumental in governing various aspects of the Dom/sub interaction. They offer much needed structure, stability and strictness, and bring the whole leather subculture to the next level.


MM: To me it means making your fantasies and intimate desires real. The feeling of superiority within the Dom/sub power exchange dynamics. Both spiritual and physical liberation. Moving beyond socially acceptable boundaries. In other words, freedom.


The practice that intrigues you the most?

DoP: All sorts of impact play, often times followed by waxing over welted skin. Huge fan of cigar and smoke play here. Mind fuck and psychological manipulation. Mummification. Lots of stuff really.


MM: Flogging, mummification, nipple torture, cock & balls torture, slaps in the face, fisting. And the list goes on.


Describe yourself with five adjectives

DoP: Dominant. Intelligent. Refined. Well-mannered. Devilishly handsome.


MM: Smart. Sexy. Kind. Trustworthy. Open-minded.


You met at the Mr. Leather Russia Contest, could you tell me more about your first encounter?

We were the two finalists competing for the title back in October 2021. It was the first time we’d ever seen each other, and neither of us had followed the other on social media. The connection sparkled right there on the stage.


A couple of weeks after the competition we went on a first date, and since then things escalated pretty quickly. I think you can call it a pretty fair deal as one of us got the title, and the other got the titleholder!


We got engaged after 6 months of our relationship, and are planning to get married in a jurisdiction that allows same-sex marriage.


How is the Leather scene in Russia?

Up until recently it used to be almost nonexistent. Probably with the exception of Mr. Leather Russia contests that took place in 2021, 2019 and 2018.


However, together we are trying to get things rolling and act both in country and internationally. We’ve participated in various projects of the major international leather & fetish players, such as Recon.com, Mister B WINGS magazine, and Leather Archives & Museum to name a few, in an effort to bring more visibility to the Russian leather community.


Also, we have started running regular leather socials for the local fetish community, and take pride in having done the first-ever official BLUF (The Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub) event in our country.


There’s more stuff in the pipeline that we hope we’ll be able to do in the coming months.


What is your fetish?

DoP: Leather. 100%. Well, almost. I’ve been attracted to leather since early childhood. The smell, the look, the crackling sound, the touch and even the taste of leather made me shiver long before I knew what sex was. And it still does, as it affects all the 5 senses together. It literally gets me high and makes my brain explode.


Recently, my partner introduced me to rubber/latex. I need to admit that it doesn’t bring the same level of sensuality, as opposed to wearing leather, and I don’t get goosebumps and stuff. However, when during play we both wear latex hoods that just have eye and mouth holes, it gives an incredibly hot vibe of anonymity. Having rubber drone sex and fucking robotically is so incredibly horny!



Leather would be my number one. Though I do enjoy latex and rubber gear very much. Especially, rubber hoods. Those are super hot.


Your hidden side? Tell me a secret...

DoP: I’m a huge opera fan. I’m a lyric baritone but I only sing in the privacy of my own shower. And yes, my partner and I wear full leathers when we go to the opera.


MM: I’m a practicing Christian, and I frequently attend church service.


If I tell you leather, what comes to your mind?


DoP: Animalistic masculinity that triggers primal sexual instincts and desires.


MM: Old-school classic cruising leather club: the dark hell-like dungeon atmosphere; the smell of leather, sweat, booze, poppers and tobacco (when you could sill smoke inside); dark rooms, labyrinths, slings and gloryholes; throbbing music beats and hardcore porn on flat screens; a sense of complete anonymity while having real-life connection; extreme attitude, vibe and sleaze; and a potential for having hardcore sex and man on man action right on the spot.


The SIRAINER object you desire most?

DoP: A kinky leather hood


MM: A black leather tie


A fantasy that you would like to realize

We would love to do a several days long kidnapping scenario that includes knocking out, tortures, forced intoxication, forced smoking, knife & gun play, electro, breath control and some extreme impact play.