Letters, numbers, codes, symbols. Science and math. Images and words.

The letters are: XX, a bit of female chromosomes, a bit XX(X) rated, and the code of the forbidden. The W engages in shuffling the cards, in messing up the plans; it’s the W of Woman. We talk about women, and we talk about sex.

The number is 7, a prime number which is considered the digit of the Whole. It is a symbol of mystical research, of the concept of solitude and completeness. 7 days in which God created the world and the universe, 7 are the deadly sins, 7 the colours of the rainbow, 7 are the Chakras and 7 are the lunar cycles... and so we could continue indefinitely.

7 are the women that SIRAINER has chosen for a story of what eros, sex, kink and sensuality means to them.

7 women who use the media of photography/video/illustration, accompanied by the eye of stylist Silvia Gabrielli and SIRAINER objects, explore the realm of the senses, the taboos, the things that “are not good for girls to talk about”, and perhaps they don’t even think about. But girls and women think of them all. It is in the Nature of things.

Giulia Achenza, Eleonora d’Angelo, Florania, Ana Marti, Eva Mueller, Sara Scanderbech, Simon; each in her own way, and with her own poetics, has investigated and represented
forbidden places, brought light to hidden corners, gutted unspoken thoughts, for a tale of female eros.

The voice of women is strong and says that sexuality is their business, taboo does not exist, sex and desires are varied, extreme, delicate, dark and bright, colourful and black...
and that SIRAINER and its marvellous objects in leather and metal are a precious ally in the discovery of women’s eroticism.


Giulia Achenza, Eleonora d’Angelo, Florania, Ana Marti, Eva Mueller, Sara Scanderbech, Simon


Wednesday 17.05.23
6.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Exhibition is running from18.05.23 to 20.05.23
11 am - 9.00 pm


NOLO91 - Viale Monza, 91 Milan


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