A conversation with Tetrakeyon

- What does BDSM mean to you?

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Being serious, I like to identify with the "new school" of the Kinky scene. For me BDSM does not represent the entirety of the scene, rather a series of practices, that a part of the Kink community - maybe even the majority - approaches and explores with their partners.


- The practice that intrigues you the most?

The Shibari - bondage with ropes - which has its origins in the Japanese tradition. Not only is it the BDSM practice that fascinates me the most and in which I let myself go but, since I was little I have admired it as an art form. The figures that are reached are sculptural and harmonic, the flesh, modeled and constrained by the ropes, seems to almost lose its humanity to become an object to be exhibited and admired.


- Describe yourself with five adjectives

Curious, imaginative, perfectionist, aesthete, stubborn.


- What is your fetish?

The latex. The shiny and fitted latex. A second synthetic skin (even if, we remember that latex is a natural product) that adapts perfectly to the body and transforms it. The texture, the smell, the sight make it a bewitching material. I think it almost has the capacity to become aware of its own power. Whoever wears it for the first time, shares this feeling of confidence, everything becomes possible. How to suddenly become a superhero. Briefly, it makes you feel COOL.


- Your hidden side? Tell me a secret ...

Oh my God… I'm actually quite a transparent person, “you get what you see”… I'm reserved, there are some aspects of me that I only share with a small circle.

A hidden side… as a child I dreamed of creating the Mulino Bianco family, but the more I grow, the more I see this family as queer, enlarged with a fully equipped dungeon in the engine room of the Mulino.





- If I tell you Rubber, what comes to your mind?

Those very thick rubber masks with molded mouths that fit like a mouthguard, and breathing tubes to put in your nose. Can you tell the brand? LOL


- How did you start to approach the Rubber world and what intrigues you the most?

I discovered the Rubber through pictures on the internet. It was also the time of the first season of AHS, so I was already pretty grown-up. I started scouting the community once I moved to London, attending events and meeting people with similar interests. What fascinates me, and makes me smile, is that people not belonging to the Kink community have shared imagery of these meetings that is perverse and disturbing. Instead it is enough to participate, to discover that it is not very different from going to a country fair… only people are better dressed, and maybe you find a Mistress spanking her sub because he behaved badly.


- The Sirainer object you want most?

Which I wanted, because now I have it... It’s the harness chain collar with ruthenium finish. Practically the "never again without".


- A fantasy that you would like to realize...

I would like the Kink in Italy to lose the connotation of extreme sex and perversion, and to take that of exploring one's own sexuality and awareness. I wish there was a much more positive and less labelled approach to sex. This, is a perverse fantasy.


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