A conversation with Dominus Berlin

What does BDSM mean to you?

Easy: Power, as well as exercising control and above all, observing how much pleasure it brings to others. I get goosebumps when I see and feel how this beautiful imbalance is crafted, through my own two hands. Also, the trust that I receive, in advance as a dominator, especially gives me positive emotions. I like to keep the fetishists waiting in suspense before I allow the reunion with their beloved. The power in this game also gets me very excited.


The practice that intrigues you the most?

I am very open-minded, although I must say that I am particularly fond of nipple treatment. I can play that for hours...


Describe yourself with five adjectives

Pansexual, communicative, empathic, german and ambitious



What is your fetish?

Per me non è solo importante portare la mia controparte al limite (e un po' oltre), ma anche esplorare i miei limiti quotidianamente. Raramente mi occupo solo degli aspetti fisici, ritengo cruciale l'approccio psicologico. Questo è il motivo per cui i miei compagni di gioco sono felicissimi che li guardi sempre negli occhi. Ovviamente sono anche un sadico che ama trovare la barriera del dolore e "giocare" con il mio potere.


Your hidden side? Tell me a secret…

I want to have sex in weightlessness


In which way you could describe the relationship between a Slave and his/her Master?

Both need each other to exist in their role. If you understand that, the first step to a satisfying respectful relationship is made...


If I tell you leather, what comes to your mind?

My second skin. But I am not a real fetishist. I only love that leather supports my dominance.


The SIRAINER object you desire most?



A fantasy that you would like to realize…

I want to have sex in weightlessness


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