A Conversation with BAU

What does BDSM mean to you?

It often happens that the acronym BDSM is associated with thoughts of perversion, recklessness, dangerous practices treated with superficiality, as a challenge to danger. In reality - and those who practice BDSM know very well - it is quite the opposite. It is a question of investigating and learning about the various practices and the nuances that compose them. Discover the limits and desires of the partner/s, and understand how to push them further without exceeding the limits of safety and accord. BDSM is, first of all, respect and the ability to keep a balance between fantasy and safety.


The practice that intrigues you the most?

It always depends on the partner/s with whom it is related. I can say that I have a natural disposition towards provocation and struggle. I like to stand up and fight regardless of the role of dom or sub that I can fill at a given moment.


Describe yourself with five adjectives

Queer, activist, exhibitionist. 

Excuse me... but at 3, I already have a headache.



What is your fetish?

I don’t feel irresistible attraction to anything, regardless of who owns or wears it... But, I must mention, the armpits.


Your hidden side? Tell me a secret...

I do not know what to answer. I don't like secrets, and I tend to get rid of them as soon as possible.


How did you enter the Puppy world?

Going around in the Italian gay fetish community. I discovered and appreciate the puppies who participated to the events, to play and interact with them as a possible handler. Then, at a certain point, I realized that I was behaving like a puppy and from there, the step to understand that I was not a handler but a puppy, was short.


Can you explain to me the dynamics of this world?

The Puppy Play is an offshoot of the fetish/BDSM world that goes towards play, and the freedom to be whatever you want. Interpreting a puppy dog is, first of all, a way to pause everyday life and have the carefree nature of someone who does not have to deal with adult lifes thousands of problems and issues. Unlike the dog-slave, the puppy does not have particular protocols and rules to comply with and does not necessarily have a master. The handler may be present but, he doesnt behave like a master, rather a human who throws the ball and scratches you. Puppy Play, can include the sexual sphere and be fetishized, but it exists regardless of these elements. The puppy can play different roles and, often, be a switch. There is alpha and beta puppy (dom and sub), which can vary and alternate without particular protocols and hierarchies.


If I tell you leather, what comes to your mind?

Tom of Finland, which as a queer-illustrator I place in my personal Olympus.


The SIRAINER object you desire most?

I immediately fell in love with the chain-set: harness, collar, leash and wristbands.


A fantasy that you would like to realize…

Am I asking too much if I hoped that, everybody would stop judging people's tastes and practices (safe and consensual)? Yes, I would probably ask too much.