• Glass handle 25 cm long - 4 cm diam
  • Leather tail 30 cm long
  • MADE IN ITALY (Murano - Milano)


Glass sculptures by Benjamin Podoba: handle marked by his hand, fringe tail in black and sensual nappa.

Created for "THE HUMAN TAIL MADE IN PONYLAND" by Sergio Patricio for SIRAINER Playroom.  

“I am also willing to find a new approaches and contexts for a glass as a contemporary sculpting material through out technological and manual research. I communicate personal and emotional topics through out fragility of the material. Recently I have been working with an open organic forms and with a figure. The human scale is very important in my work such as experiment and the process as itself.”

Benjamin Podoba, artist born and raises in Bratislava (Slovakia), working in Murano.

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