A coversation with Stevio Blackhart

What does BDSM mean to you?

BDSM to me is beyond sex. “Trust” is something rare and hard to find even in the strongest relationships. The level of trust you can achieve in BDSM is priceless and something you can’t easily explain. You have all the good and bad things defining us as humans in the very same thing: power, devotion, care, feelings, limits, instinct, roots, rage, love, communication and connection...
I can’t picture myself without all these things. It’s the foundation of my sexuality.

I can’t picture myself without all these things. It’s the foundation of my sexuality.  


The practice that intrigues you most?

My interests to new practices is evolving year after year as every kinkster experiences.
You can discover yourself intrigued in something that you swear you would have never done years before. I often take some times to question myself and have a perspective on how I’m changing through the years, but I have the feeling that domination, submission and humiliation are the common roots of everything I discover.  


Describe yourself with five adjectives

I have never been good in such things but I can tell you what I have heard through the years. The very first thing they say is “too kind”. I always see good intentions even when there is a big shadow of bad intensions. This has always been my weak spot and somebody sometimes takes advantage from this.
They say I’m “Headstrong”, usually in a good way. “Loud” even though I know when it’s not my time to take the spotlight. “Organized” (very close to OCD) and “Dreamer”. 

Stevio Blackheart


What is your fetish?

Uniforms. I will never go for a naked man instead of one in a uniform. No matter the materials, no matter which kind of uniform. You can tell that by watching my pics at pride parades under 37° sun: always in full leather, no matter what. 


Your hidden side? Tell me a secret...

I usually overthink. Because of my job, my mind thinks at all the possible scenarios something could bring and consider worse thoughts first. This makes me careful in lots of situations but sometimes prevents me from enjoying some moments of life.  


If I tell you leather, what comes to your mind?

“Uniforms” and “authority” for sure. But nowadays it’s not only about that anymore. I found a second family in the fetish community and it’s all because of leather. Memories of the past few years fill my mind with the friends I now have all over the world which contributed to built the person I am right now. 


The SIRAINER object you desire most? 

Sir gold leather restraints for sure.

You are Mister Leather Europe 20-22 and Italian Fetishman of the year 2019, could you tell me what these awards mean to you?

Everybody inside the community know these contests are not about beauty. They exist to find someone that can be the frontman of the community and a reference for newer guys to come. To be chosen for so many years is something I’m proud of. And there is no day I spend without feeling the love and support from the community. 


A fantasy you would like to realise...

Usually people is impressed by the contrast they see from watching my kind personality as human being and what my mind can made up. I prefer not to share and keep this to myself.