A coversation with Sergio Patricio

- Mi racconti cosa ha ispirato il progetto fotografico che hai realizzato per SIRAINER?

Il progetto ha riferimenti diretti al gioco sessuale con oggetti e materiali bellissimi. Peter (Schmid ndr) ha una piccola ossessione per i dettagli e io ho un po' di consapevolezza corporea sugli angoli e la geometria nello spazio. Forse ciò che ci ha uniti è stato scappare dallo studio e performare nella foresta con tutte quelle idee in mente.


- Com'è stato collaborare tra voi due?

C’è stata una corrispondenza ridicolmente perfetta sin dalla prima volta che ci siamo incontrati. Forse il mercato: arte, fotografia, performance art e moda aspettava da troppo temp

- Could you be kind enough to tell me what inspired the photographic project you did for SIRAINER?

The project has direct references to sexual playing with beautiful objects and materials. Peter (Schmid) has a little obsession with details and I have a little body awareness about angles and geometry in space. Perhaps what brought us together was to escape the studio and make us play in the forest with all those ideas in mind.


- How was it to collaborate between you two?

It is a ridiculously perfect match from the first time we met. Maybe the market: art, photography, performance art and fashion were waiting for something like us for too long. Well, here we are! Delayed but alive. I guess the creators behind a picture need time to develop and translate what they want in terms of the borders between +18 restrictions and pure obscenity to pure conceptual art, which perhaps was not our goals, not even for our own art practices.


- What does BDSM mean to you?

B D S M - “Britney Does Something More”?

If I am honest, I did not know that I liked such things my whole life. Since I have memories of when I was a little kid, I always dress my friends like girls and play with them. Fabrics and costumes were always around. Torturing or Punishments without knowing how painful pain was. Somehow, facing societies full of rules and norms creates similar fantasies about whether the borders are accepted or not. Inside of the lgbtq+ community, it is hard to believe how between us we judge much more, creating a control society (our community) inside of a sicker controlled society (our countries or cities where we live).


- The practice that intrigues you the most?

The combination of all that I like is a very long season on Netflix I guess. But some designers are always reading the people's expectations from the customers. It is very interesting to see the combination of all. But also how normalization became inside of our communities. A thong in America means totally different in Europe. Nudism in some countries are still in baby steps meanwhile in cities like Vienna, there exists many places where heterosexual families can enjoy a safe day naked for example. Finally, materials like leather and chains that we would wear directly or not in contact with our skin are always a question of a mood, AC Air conditioning and our creativity.



- Describe yourself with five adjectives

Hot, polite, devil, smart and creative.


- What is your fetish?



- Your hidden side? Tell me a secret ...

“I will send you my location and come without underwear, please, do not panic. Everything will be fine…”


- If I tell you leather, what comes to your mind?

The pain when it is new depends how expensive and how soft most of the time, maybe I'm wrong, but I feel it that way. 

Leather is your skin, it is yourself filtered into a colored animal material that becomes you also, in a way that your sweat pheromones and more stamp it. I am a super sweaty person. My whole life I sweat oceans. So usually I consider leather as a good material that resists sweat, liquids or human secretions in general and a ton of strong smells and minerals that possibly stay.


- The SIRAINER object you desire most?

The chain cuffs and the cockring in red.


- A fantasy that you would like to realize…

I have already made many fantasies real, but I would repeat them anyways. It was always interesting feeling the risk and the over excitement at the moment that your body starts scanning what happens and your mind gets filled by a fresh and real experience. Living experiences are very complex where many senses are involved. Perhaps the ultimate experience is a real act where you embody the desire of what others want you to do and what the other (s) claim you to make real. I am a fantasy maker… So far this question has an open answer I guess.