A Conversation with Master Giacon

What does BDSM mean to you?

The first thing I think about is that pleasure is the undisputed protagonist. All practices and mental domination are a means to increase it, to increase the strength of the bond between the parties. This is the fil-rouge that binds many of my experiences and relationships, from friends to partners, from work to free time. It's a way to outline an open mind and sexuality that is often more resolved than the average.


- The practice that intrigues you the most?

One of the most discussed and criticized practices is also the one that intrigues me most, perhaps for this very reason.

For many people in the industry, it's not even a practice worth listing, only for money-related thinking limits.

Money Slavery is a practice that includes the use of money in domination. What intrigues me is the extreme devotion and submission that derives from it.

Assuming that everyone uses their time to earn money when you give it away, it's like giving more time to your partner life. My conception of life makes this practice extreme but with a romantic background: The slave donates his life to the Master.

- Describe yourself with five adjectives

Free, Fluid, Free, Fluid, Free

Many adjectives that came to my mind would be ways to pigeonhole me into something I'm not. I am free and fluid. So I like to be what I feel the moment I sense it. Giving me other definitions would be binding and, I don't like being bound by my own words!


- What is your fetish?

I have no particular fetish. I can feel attraction and pleasure from many objects or materials, to name the most important: latex, leather, whips, sex toys, fucking machines, heels, ropes, pissing.


- Your hidden side? Tell me a secret ...

I have no secrets to tell, not because I don't want to reveal them, because I have already told everything. I am a person who loves to share with others as much as possible.


- Why do you think that society demonizes certain practices? What fears are there?

The lack of culture always leads to demonizing the unknown, being afraid of it, and of the diverse.

Once many practices were misclassified as "sadism" or "masochism" and, psychologists studied them as deviances. I think it is clear that there is a linguistic limit. For example, calling me a sadist would be a mistake. I don't get aroused and enjoy people's suffering, but their pleasure. And if this pleasure comes from care or a whip, what difference does it make? We always talk about pleasure.


- What are people who come to you looking for?

For the most part, they seek understanding, acceptance, and that I teach them a new way to enjoy.

In other words, a satisfying sexual experience that serves as a guide to their sexuality, to continue to develop and enjoy their experiences.


- How would you describe the relationship between Master and Slave?

Intense. When you create a real submissive relationship, the pleasure that comes with it is very high and of a different quality.


- If I tell you leather, what comes to your mind?

The perfume intoxicates the senses and brings various pleasure’s associations.


- The SIRAINER item you want most?

The set of cuffs and anklets will be my next purchase, given the unrivalled quality of the brand.


- A fantasy that you would like to realize...

If I had a fantasy to realize, I'm sure I would have already done it. I have everything I need to do it in the best possible way. Now I have no more fantasies to fulfill, I follow the flow of the present, and when an exciting situation presents itself, I live it in the best way.