A Conversation with Kursed Kink

- What does BDSM mean to you ?

To me BDSM represents pushing the boundaries of the mundane and seeking pleasure in different forms rather than just penetrative sex. Allowing yourself to be free to express yourself sexually. 


- The practice that intrigues you the most?

Mummification and heavy bondage are my personal favourites, I like the idea of being completely helpless and at the disposal of someone else and completely trusting that person.


- Describe yourself with five adjectives.

Curious, experimental, expressive, vivacious, compulsive.


- What is your fetish?

As you may know, my number 1 kink is latex, I love the feeling it gives of a second skin and transforms me into an erotic being ready to explore and push the boundaries of pleasure.

- Your hidden side? Tell me a secret...

I’ve always been intrigued about sissy and forced feminisation but yet to explore it fully.


- If I tell you leather, what comes to your mind?

Sexy Restraints.


- The SIRAINER object you desire most?

The hoods, look absolutely delectable.


- Why rubber?

As mentioned earlier it allows me to escape the mundane and transform myself into a person who is able to make their fantasies become a reality.


- Where do you find inspiration for your Rubber creations?

I get a lot of inspiration from my peers and fellow creators, but also get a lot of inspiration from science fiction and films.


- A fantasy that you would like to realize…

I’d love to spend some time as high protocol house slave for an extend period of time.